Study in Australia and New Zealand

We are committed to providing quality study abroad service to students from Hong Kong. Owing to geographical restriction, students and parents in Hong Kong mainly rely on local agents to introduce international education providers to them. These agents, to be effective, should possess first-hand information about the background and quality of these overseas providers.

What is unique about Grace Educational Services International is that its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia. This allows us to identify in person reputable, caring, academically renowned and affordable education institutions suitable for international students. We can also visit them and interview their students whenever necessary. What is more, for high schoolers, we also carefully screen home-stay families recommended by the institutions. To ensure that the students are well taken care of and to facilitate understanding between home-stay families and students, the former are briefed about the cultural difference between Australia and Hong Kong, and the background of the potential home-stay student(s) before finalising the match.

Study in Australia


Why Australia?

Australia has an international reputation for excellence in education. It has comprehensive quality assurance mechanisms embedded in its education system both at the government and institutional level. This ensures high standard of education across the country. Australia offers a diverse range of study options and flexible learning pathways for international students.  Added to this, Australia is known for its bountiful land and rich resources, safety, clean air, fresh water, mild climate and friendly people. From Hong Kong to Sydney, it only takes about 9 hours of flight time, with a time difference of 2 to 3 hours. Australia is a multicultural country, one in four people were born overseas, representing 270 nationalities. In Australia, international students have the opportunity not only to gain advanced knowledge and skills in an English speaking environment but also to enrich their life experience through interaction with people from all over the world.

Australian Education

Schools in Australia are mainly divided into public schools and private schools. A school can have an enormous impact on the student’s character, future study and career development. Careful selection of school needs no emphasis.

The primary and secondary levels of education in Australia range from Kindergarten to Year 12. Students completing Year 12 will sit for a public examination (e.g. NSW Higher School Certificate). The results attained in the public examination together with their school-based assessments will form the basis of entry to universities.

Students who are studying P.1 to F.5 in Hong Kong may study at a school in Australia. Students who have completed F.5 may study in a Foundation Studies Program for entry into first year undergraduate program. Students who have obtained HKDSE may apply to University directly or study in an intensive Foundation Studies Program leading to University.

There are 43 universities in Australia. They offer higher education programs which lead to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Degrees. Along with these universities, many other colleges also offer higher education courses. In Australia, vocational training courses are offered in government-funded institutions, including TAFE (Technical and Further Education), or other private institutions. Many institutions have an articulation program with universities that offer students credit towards university courses.

All students must reach a certain level of English language requirements for admission. International applicants who do not meet the English language requirement may study at a recognised English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) College in Australia.

Conversion table for Year levels:

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand Auckland

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is adjacent to Australia, and its territory consists of the North Island, the South Island and some small islands. World famous for its serenity, safety, friendliness, spectacular landscape and relaxed lifestyle, New Zealand is an ideal destination for travel and study. New Zealand adopts the British education system, and its high-quality education is internationally recognised. The latest PISA results show that New Zealand students’ scores in literacy, mathematics and science are among the best in the world. In comparison, New Zealand’s tuition and living costs are lower than other popular study abroad countries.

There are many high-quality colleges and universities in New Zealand and yet there are not many Chinese-speaking students. This gives students the opportunity to widely practise their English language skills.

New Zealand Education

In New Zealand, the school education system is made up of 13 Year levels. The primary level of education starts at Year 1 and goes to Year 8. Students in their final three years are required to undertake NCEA (the National Certificate of Educational Achievement) assessments. Students with NCEA Level 3 qualifications may apply to enter universities.

New Zealand offers Foundation Studies Program for international students who may not initially meet entry requirements to universities. Hong Kong students who have completed F.5 or F.6 may enrol in a Foundation Studies Program as a pathway to University.

New Zealand has 8 state-funded universities, 16 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) and about 550 Private Training Establishments (PTEs), which include English language schools. Vocational training courses are offered in government-funded institutions, including TAFE (Technical and Further Education), or other private institutions. Many colleges offer students credit towards university courses. 

Similar to Australia, international students must reach a certain level of English language requirements for school admission in New Zealand. Students who do not meet the English language requirement may study at a recognised English language school.

Conversion table for Year levels:

“I am more than proud to recommend Grace Educational Services International (“Grace”) as an education agent for families who want their children to have authentic Christian education in Sydney.  Mr Daniel Wong, a director of Grace has been the legal guardian of my son, Abraham (16 years old) since late September 2016.

After Abraham decided to go to Sydney to further his study, we were on a very tight schedule. We were however blessed to have the effective, efficient and professional advice and assistance from Grace. Within a very short period of time, Abraham could secure a dedicated Christian home-stay family and commence the study of an 18- week compulsory English programme in Australia Onsung Internatiional College. With the affection and personal attention Abraham received from Daniel, he could quickly assimilate into the local culture smoothly. The home-stay family also provided Abraham with passionate pastoral care and made him feel at home. As a result, Abraham has become more positive and proactive in his inter-personal relationship. 

In February 2017, Abraham started Year 11 at Pacific Hills Christian School and moved to a new home-stay family. He has been facing new challenges in his study. Daniel, being a fervent Christian committed to quality Christian education and a registered social worker by profession, is there to help Abraham to find life direction as well as to set goals and priorities.

I greatly appreciate the assistance Daniel and Grace have provided us.”

Rosa Pang

Senior Lecturer, The Open University of Hong Kong