Schools Grace Has Worked With

Grace has organised study tours for the following schools and groups in Hong Kong and Macau:

Secondary Schools

  • Baptist Wing Lung Secondary School
  • China Holiness Church – Living Spirit College
  • China Holiness College
  • Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College
  • Christian Alliance C S Chan Memorial College
  • CNEC Lee I Yao Memorial Secondary School
  • Cumberland Presbyterian Church Yao Dao Secondary School
  • ECF Saint Too Canaan College
  • Ling Liang Church M H Lau Secondary School
  • S.K.H. Leung Kwai Yee Secondary School
  • Stewards Ma Ko Pan Memorial College
  • Stewards Pooi Kei College
  • United Christian College
  • United Christian College (Kowloon East)
  • Macau Baptist College

Primary Schools

  • Christian Alliance Chui Chak Lam Memorial School
  • Christian Alliance H.C. Chan Primary School
  • Conservative Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School
  • Kau Yan School
  • KCBC Hay Nien Primary School
  • Rhenish Primary School
  • Stewards Pooi Kei Primary School
  • Stewards Pooi Yin Primary School
  • S.K.H. Trinity Primary School

Educational Groups

  • Kowloon Tong Christian Alliance Church Affiliated School Heads
  • Hong Kong Christian School Principals
  • Joshua Foundation
Grace has worked with the following schools in Australia:
  • Avondale College (now Avondale University)
  • Australia Onsung International College
  • Australian International College of English
  • Bedford College
  • Belmont Christian College
  • Broughton Anglican College
  • Covenant Christian School
  • Green Point Christian College
  • Heritage Christian School
  • Pacific Coast Christian School
  • Pacific Hills Christian School
  • St Andrew’s Cathedral School
  • St Paul’s Grammar School
  • St Philip’s Christian College
  • Times Academy
  • Toongabbie Christian College
  • Tyndale Christian School
  • Wycliffe Christian School
  • Wyong Community Christian School
  • Magill English Language College (closed)
  • Tyndale Intensive Language Centre (closed)

“Dear Daniel and Elaine, I wish to thank you for the excellent services provided in organising study tours for our school as well as establishing a sister school relationship with a wonderful Christian School in Sydney in the past 12 years. Your professional work have enabled the two schools to have reciprocal exchange study tours regularly. You have provided great guidance to our students to further studies in Australia.  Your active participation in promoting the movement of Global Christian Schools Network with solid basis on Biblical truth is greatly appreciated!”

Brian Fung

Former Principal, China Holiness Church Living Spirit College