About Grace


Grace Educational Services International (‘Grace’) was established in 2002. We are an education agent with a mission to make positive impact on international students by introducing them to high quality education and nurturing learning environment. To achieve this goal, we work with a range of education providers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and other countries which are committed to the same mission. High standard of business ethics is our foundation; and professionalism is our commitment.

Over the past 20 years, we have organised many study tours for schools and education bodies in Hong Kong, and have brought some 2000 principals/school executives/teachers/students to experience the “Aussie” culture. Some Hong Kong schools have established a ‘sister school relationship’ with Australian schools. Reciprocal visits to Hong Kong from Australian schools are made, resulting in a real cultural exchange.

Additionally, we provide advice to international students on studying abroad in Australia and New Zealand as well as to assist them in enrolment application process. For some high schoolers, we also help them organise home-stay accommodation, guardianship and airport transfer services.

We provide free consultation services. Applicants are not required to pay us handling fees for enrolment application.